Happy Halloween 2012!
Love, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

We began our Halloween fun by "booing" our neighbors.  The kids and I made chocolate chip pumpkin cookies & muffins (thanks, Jennifer Y for the recipe!) and delivered them to our neighbors.

 Peter Pan was really into character and "flew" everywhere.
All it takes is happy thoughts & pixie dust.
I've got lots of happy thoughts but am out of pixie dust.
Every year, we "surprise" Daddy at his office.  
I think Daddy might be onto our little tradition.

We trick or treated at some friends houses & at Cookie & Lovie's.  You know what is great about these ages?  They are so content to just go to about 6-8 houses of friends we know in the neighborhood.  They have no idea (yet) that some kids go door to door to door to door.  
You know what else is great about these ages?  The fact that R & I get to control their sugar intake.  (We do that by reducing the amount of candy per child.  We take our job very seriously.  When they go to bed, we personally reduce their supply until they are left with just a few pieces of mostly knock off brands of candy or gross licorice.  They have no idea.)

When we got to Cookie & Lovie's, Hutch & Sophie were there.  So we hung out with them for awhile.
 I am very unimpressed with my photography here - not a single kid smiling or looking at the camera.
 Peter Pan flying through Neverland
Carolyn & I and our girls

Where's Waldo?

 With Peter Pan & Super Milton, of course.

When we trick or treated at Beau's house, his parents had "treats" for moms and dads too.
While the kids enjoyed candy, we enjoyed our adult beverage treats.
Hulk & Will

 Hulk, Bella,  Will
You know what is awesome when you are 5? 
Trick or treating with your best friend! 
When Omi opened her door, Will yelled, 
"Happy Birthday!"
He was momentarily confused on his holidays!

 Ellie really got into the trick or treating this year!  (Candy seems to be a good teacher and motivator.)
She would yell, "Treat, Please!"

 We ended our trick or treating by hanging out at our friends', the O's, house & enjoying yummy soup and friends.  
They get lots and lots of trick or treaters and our house got a grand total of zero.
Will had so much fun manning the door with Dr. O & passing out toys.
(Dr. O is a pediatrician and since he often finds himself dealing with kids and obesity, he felt like maybe he should pass out toys instead of candy.)  I think Peter Pan helped himself to several spiders and silly bandz.
I grew up in the O's house.  (Back then, it wasn't the O's house.  My parents have since moved.  Make sense?)
So it was fun to spend our Halloween watching Will pass out treats in the same house where I grew up passing out candy.

Finally, we ended Halloween week with an adults' costume party with friends.  R & I went as Lance Armstrong and Dr. Ferrari (doctor who is now banned for giving Lance HGH.)  
We laughed hard and enjoyed dinner and friends and an evening without kids.  It was the perfect way to end a fun week!

2 thoughts:

Cindy Cates said...

Looks like a FUN halloween!!
Wanted to let you know we've changed our blog address/title-

I just updated with pics of our little boy!

ywilbur said...

Looking good. JK goes to lots of houses and gets lots of candy but never eats any of it. Well, he eats maybe 30 out of 250 pieces. A lot of people give whole candy bars too! My older boy who is 15 and has one of those metabolism where could eat 250 pieces of candy a day and not put on pound loves to help JK eat it.

Lovely Tinkerbell!

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