Pumpkin Prep!

To get ready for Fall, 
Will & I went on his FIRST FIELD TRIP!
We went to a farm about twenty miles away and it was so fun!

This farm had a real pumpkin patch - like pumpkins actually growing on vines!
That may not seem like a big deal to you people up north...
but for this Texas girl it was pretty cool!  I'm used to pumpkin "patches" which consist of massive amounts of pumpkins piled up in a church yard.
We chose our pumpkins and admired the huge yellow flowers on the vines and the little green baby pumpkins.

Will & some of his friends from school.
(Blaire - in the middle- is the daughter of one of my long time friend's & high school prom date!  It's so weird that we are old enough to have kindergartners and so fun that our kiddos are such good friends!)

Tug of War against a plow

Will's Kindergarten Class!

My boy & I

Look how tall he is!

We also went to our friends' annual pumpkin carving party - just in time for Halloween!

Ellie & Sophie are becoming BFF and it is so fun to watch them be friends!  
Sophie tickling Ellie

Will is into doing cartwheels and handstands lately.
He liked showing off for girls at the party!
Hanging out with our new friend, Mr. Jon
For the first time in nearly ten years of marriage, I managed to conveniently stay behind the camera/stay away from the carving table and R carved our pumpkin!
With a little help/coercion from his sidekick.

I love those cheeks!

Inspired by his friend, Beau, Will decided to initiate designing his own carving.
Lovie hanging out with Elie & Sophie (near the food table - those two little ones love dips!)

Look who's old enough to finally start doing some of this carving business!!

Will's interest didn't last too long...
Mr. Tom stepped in to work with Daddy & get it done quickly!
I love going to this party every year.  I've gone since I was a little girl and it's so fun to take our kids and catch up with so many friends - old and new.  
Plus, we get our pumpkin done!
Thanks, Rogers!

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