Celebrating - Ellie's 12 STEPS!

We have some celebrating to do around here!

Tonight, I baked some yummy "treats" for dessert... and announced we were having a family celebration night!

A Certain Precious, Cute, Someone has now WALKED 12 STEPS INDEPENDENTLY!!!

So we celebrated with cheers and lots of practice walking between her Daddy & her Mommy

 She's carrying her own "YAY" pennant.

Brother Will (dressed up as a cat) carried the Yippee!"

We are so very proud of our girl!
Go, Ellie Girl, Go!

I love watching this girl do life!  I love watching her have such excitement for her walking - she knows this is a big deal and she works hard for every single step.
My heart bursts with pride and gratefulness.

What an honor to witness these steps.  What a privilege to be her mommy.

4 thoughts:

Sharon C said...

Hooray for Ellie girl!! Such an achievement for her and your family! You are blessed indeed! Praise God for the wisdom in knowing just who to bless with these precious, precious children.

The Reeves bunch said...

YAY ELLIE! Got tears in my eyes reading this post! So proud of her, you can tell on her face that she is proud too! She is too precious! I love all of your decorations too, too cute!

Jo Anna said...

What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Sending cheers, congratulations, and continued prayer!

ywilbur said...

Way to go ELLIE!!! A great reason to celebrate.

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