A few weeks ago, Will got a very special package in the mail from a far away state.
He excitedly opened it...
and found a box full of craft supplies.
He also found a "high-five" kit.

Several months ago, a mom found our blog and realized that her stepson & our son have similar conditions and in fact, have the same syndrome.
She emailed me and soon we had the boys skype.
They are only a few years apart & seem to have several in common interests.
Will loved skyping with Hayden and especially loved high-fiving the kid across the computer screen who has a hand just like him.

Then, Hayden's stepmom had the great idea to make a "high-five by mail" between our boys and their handprints.  
She sent me the supplies and some pages with Hayden's handprint.

Will added his handprint to the papers and then we mailed one back for Hayden to put in his room.

We've framed the high-five art and have it front and center in Will's room - he loves seeing another handprint that looks like his own. 
Hayden now has one hanging in his room too!

Thanks, Laurie!  Amazing idea!!!
We are thankful to be getting to know you guys & just may have to visit you someday so our boys can be real life friends!

(Stuff like this?  I LOVE IT!  I often think of all the cool people and incredible relationships and friendships we've made with people around the world due to the fact that we have kiddos with differences.  Most of these are friendships that never would have happened without our kiddos.   I'm so thankful for moments like this - watching my little love's face as he sees a handprint just like his from another little boy.  My heart is full.)

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