Oh What Fun! Christmas is Coming!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!
(Well.  Not really - since it was 70 degrees today... 
but in our hearts, we're going with it.)

To prepare for Christmas we've been...

doing our family Advent devotionals.  One of my favorites includes writing "God" & "Immanuel" on our child's hand so they understand "Immanuel - God With Us."  
Will loved that day.
Maybe I should do that on my own hand - I could use the reminder some days.
We've made some Christmas crafts

We go to the playground almost every single day.  It's conveniently located at the exit to Will's school...
& I have a hard time saying no to children who want to play outside.

Ellie practices her walking & standing at the park.  Last week, she mastered doing the little bridge all by herself!

We cut down a tree this year for our back patio.  We then gathered pinecones from our yard and painted them with the help of some neighbors and called them "natural" ornaments.

We've had fun watching Christmas movies

Ellie is old enough this year to have her own tree  She loved decorating it - primarily with princess and Minnie Mouse ornaments.  
And a kitten.

(Next year I'll get lights on a white cord - this year I am not going back to the craft store.)

We've been reading lots of Christmas books too.
I read this great idea to wrap up all the Christmas books and stick them under the tree and let the kids unwrap one per day.
I bought paper to do that.
Then I realized that was a lot of work.  We're perfectly content pulling them out of a basket and reading them.
Considering I haven't wrapped a single gift to go under our tree I'd say that the whole wrapping books things was a bit far fetched for me.

Will's best friend came to play one afternoon after nap.
This picture makes me fear age 16.

We don't let Will do sleepovers yet.
But.  Beau stayed for pizza and to watch a Christmas movie and then his parents picked him up at bedtime - this was the perfect way to do all the fun parts of a sleepover without the whole sleepover part!

Sweet friends.
(& annoying little sister in the back.:)

Will cut down his very own tree this year for his room!

Ellie helped me plant paperwhites.

We always decorate our tree together

While decorating our tree, our elf showed up on our front porch (thanks to a neighbor's help!)
Will was so excited that Percy had returned!

Will became fearful about putting the star on the tree - so R ultimately did it.

Will's kindergarten took a really fun field trip to a tree farm about thirty minutes away.
The farm sits on a ridge and was absolutely beautiful!   A really fun way to spend a morning!

The kids liked kicking the old tree stumps.  They quickly realized that Will's prosthetics were good for kicking tree stumps - it didn't hurt him!

Will picked out his own tree for his room

and he worked hard to cut it down!

We cut down two trees - one for Will's room & one for my back porch.
The classes also cut down a tree for their school.
A few of the boys struck a "warrior" pose

I used to wonder if kids would hesitate to hold Will's hands.  
This picture makes my heart so happy.

hayride thru the farm

jumping on the hay

putting the star on his own little tree

Percy is rather forgetful elf.  He also takes a lot of rest days.  He doesn't report to Santa because the very idea of trying to remember to do that wears him out.
Basically, he sometimes is mischievous but only if he can do it in less than five minutes.
He wrapped our Christmas tree one night with toilet paper.
This thrilled a five year old and two year old beyond belief.

Will still loves to dress up.
Last week, I caught him playing king - using a Burger King crown he has saved since August, his bathrobe, and a ribbon wand from my wedding.

Making Christmas pottery

Percy made a snow angel one night.

And Ellie attended a Christmas party with her Lovie.

Coming soon - Merry Christmas to Us!

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