I had big, exciting, happy, wonderful news to share today.  I've received one of the best Christmas presents ever!

But it can wait.

Because during Ellie's physical therapy session today, R walked in for lunch and told me about the shooting in a school in CT.

A shooting in a kindergarten classroom.  Over twenty people dead- most of them children -
children the same age as my kindergartener.

My heart aches for the grieving moms and dads and brothers and sisters and grandparents in CT.
I picked my little boy up and held him tight and I hurt that schools aren't safe for our kids.

Our prayers are with those in CT.

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ywilbur said...

I just can't stop crying over what happened in CT. To paraphrase a quote I heard once 'I can't even imagine what their parents are feeling, I know what I"m feeling and they aren't even my kids'. This is just really affecting me.

I was worrying JK as I rarely, never, cry and been really weepy today. He doesn't know what happened of course.

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