Cast Off Day!!

We've found that using a straw helps Will get his milk while he is casted.
This may be my fav straw.
It's Cast Off Day!!!

Will & I are headed to Dallas this morning to get his cast off & I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!
People keep saying how fast it has gone.
Yes.  Although maybe it seems faster if you aren't living it day after day.  
I'm not so sure Will would agree!

I think it has seemed to go pretty fast due to the following events that have occurred since Will had his surgery in mid-January.
Let's recap, shall we?
Week 1:  surgery week... pretty straightforward & we came home earlier than expected
Week 2:  quiet week
Week 3:  Ellie's surgery and her hospitalization for 3 days.  
Week 4:  Will was in extreme pain one day resulting in rushing him to Dallas hospital to get the pin pulled out of the surgical site and have him re-casted
Week 5:  Ellie has unplanned secondary surgery to pull her pins, operate further, & recast her legs.
Week 5.5:  We get robbed.

So, see?  
With all the chaos and unplanned "events" we've had nearly every week since Will's surgery, I actually think that has served to break up the monotony of cast season & make it seem to go faster.

Meanwhile, R & I are sitting on the couch right now beside ourselves with excitement to get his cast off.
I can not wait to bathe him again!  

An interview with Will about cast off:
me:  Will, what have you missed the most or what has been the hardest with a cast on?
Will:  Not being allowed to run.  And eating is hard.
Will, what are you most excited about doing when your cast is off?
Running!!! and petting Arrow with my hand.

Oh my goodness, I can hardly wait. Will is so excited he cant stop dancing in the kitchen!  Praying it is healed and that the surgeons are pleased.  Praying also for our expectations and Will's expectations of what he will be able to do post-op.

2 thoughts:

The Reeves bunch said...

Hope everything went great for you!

Sarah Curtis said...

Life always seems faster to people not experiencing it! When David was finally coming home from Iraq people would say to me, "Well that went by quickly!" 19 months? Really? I'm glad it was quick for you. Yikes.

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