Helicopters & More!

Last week, one of R's long time best friends texted him that he and a team of Marines would be flying Cobras & Huey helicopters across the USA and would be stopping for lunch in our city.  He invited us out to give Will & Ellie a tour of the copters.
We pulled Will from school and I'm not sure who was more excited - Will or his Daddy.
Actually, I know exactly who was so excited.
My dear husband, who could care less if I take pictures on Christmas morning or at Disney World, was checking my camera battery for my "good camera" the night before and sending me text reminders to bring my "good camera."
Then he was insisting I get certain shots.
Will was excited but R couldn't wait to see his old friend and check out military helicopters.

Will & Captain Weathers

 Will loved being in the helicopter!
Will got to sit in the pilot's seat.  He LOVED it.
Adam kept a close eye on him to make sure he didn't hit the wrong combination of 2 very important buttons.  I had no desire to see him take off.
Also I don't think that would go over too well with the US Military.

Captain Adam, R, & Will

Will told all of the Marines thank you for fighting for him and gave high-fives.  (I kept reminding him to shake hands & finally noticed his right hand was in a cast.  Duh, Mommy.  The high fives worked too.)
I think having two children with disabilities/differences/medical conditions has made me so very grateful for the service of those in our military.  I realize that the rights of the disabled were fought for and hard won.  As a former history teacher, I'm keenly aware of what Hitler did to those with physical conditions that were different or labeled as disabilities.  
I am so so thankful for those who protect and fight for our rights and the rights of my children.

Meanwhile... in other not so much news from our recent week....
Ellie has a spot in the back of her head that gets really fuzzy and tangled.
Since she is in casts, we can't really wash her hair.  I am using the space shampoo and it is awesome (no rinse) but I really look forward to bathing her with water again soon.  
I'm only washing hair about 1-2x/week and though I try to keep her hair brushed, it still gets like this after a few days.

 But even with her crazy 1980s hair, she is still so stinking cute.

Since Ellie is no longer crying all day long, we have been doing some crafts and science projects around here.

I have to say that despite their casts, both kids have adapted so well.

We made cute paper plate bugs last weekend.

In other news that you could care less about, R and I have been going on weekly dates.  The nice thing is that with a standing weekly date, the pressure is off to make the date super special.  
So last weekend we grabbed a quick dinner and then went to the grocery store.
I bought a mixing bowl.
Try not to be jealous of our romantic date.  Or my shiny new bowl.
To further bore you, we spent hours on Saturday searching for our passports.  I found Will's in my special documents file folder but could not find R's or mine.
I was frantic.  The anxiety set in and I can not stand it when I lose something very important.  We truly searched for hours.
Then, R located them.
Ironically, they were in this file folder:

Can I blame this on exhaustion?

I love watching my kids sleep.  I also love their cuddles when they wake up - warm and yummy nap breath and sweaty curls and precious hugs.

We went to my parents' lake house one night for a bonfire and dinner.  A perfect way to spend a cold night.

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