What Doesn't Kill You...

All day long I've had that Kelly Clarkson song in my head.  
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...
Except I don't listen to her and I only know that line.  In fact, I have no idea if the song is family friendly for this ole blog.  
And since that line is on repeat all day long in my head, I've decided I hate it.

Because some things that are hard aren't going to kill you but I'm not sure they make you stronger.
They just make you tired.
Or cranky.

We were robbed yesterday.
At church.

Medical files for our children as well as very important tax documents and information we don't care to have in the wrong hands were stolen.  

We keep saying we wished the thief would have taken ipods or something like that - annoying  but replaceable and no great risk.  Nope.  Not that easy for us this time.

Not a good way to start our Sunday.

We searched dumpsters.  (Actually, just R did.  I watched.)  My parents kept our kids as we had to get home and get on the phones with any live people we could get to answer phones from every single one of our bank accounts/credit cards/etc.

Naturally, it was a Sunday followed by a bank holiday today.

A friend of my parent's who works for our local bank called us on his Sunday afternoon and helped freeze our accounts to prevent the thief from accessing it.  We meet at the bank tomorrow with the fraud person to do the next step.

We should have gone to the ATM prior to rushing home to close all accounts.  We later counted our money and between the two of us we had $36 cash.   Not a big deal except I knew we needed a few things at the store and banks would not be open until Tuesday.  

So we raided our kids' piggy banks this morning.  We now owe them $40.  

I will say that Dave Ramsey is on to something.  When I was at the store I was more aware than ever before of exactly how much I had to spend since I didn't have a backup debit card to swipe.  I didn't make any spontaneous purchases.  

So pretty much this has kind of overtaken our thoughts on the weekend.  We're exhausted - Ellie didn't sleep well this weekend and the whole taking care of two kids in casts combined with dealing with a robbery we weren't expecting (well, you know, obviously - who expects a robbery?) and dealing with our accounts and trying to get ahead of the thief just makes for an exhausting way to start the week.

I keep saying I don't really care for all this drama and January & February has had a lot of drama for us.   I don't like crisis and, unfortunately, we've had several "crisis" moments - 2 unplanned trips to Dallas, an extra unplanned surgery for Ellie, and now a robbery at church.  UGH.

I'm over February.  I hate to say that and to wish time away because I know every day is precious and someday I'll look back and miss these days...

I'm pretty sure I won't miss February 2013.  I can not wait for March.

4 thoughts:

Christie Minich said...

Man this has been a rough month!
His mercies are new every morning!
Praying you get your documents back.

Mrs. Jenk said...

We were robbed at church once, too! Such a horrible place to feel violated- they stole a notebook of my husband's that had church handouts about how to accept JC into your heart. We have laughed about that! Hoping March is much better-

Barb said...

Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry. I know you are ready for March. Praying it will be much better for your family than Feb.

Jo Anna said...

How terrible! I'm so sorry that happened to y'all. I'm praying extra for y'all and hoping the next week and a half goes by fast.

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