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We were finally discharged from the hospital several hours after Ellie's surgery yesterday.  She had to meet several goals to be discharged- hold down food and water and urinate.
You know what is tricky?
Convincing an un potty trained two year old to go to the bathroom when she hasn't had very many liquids for 12 hours.  (Thankfully, we avoided the iv in her neck this time.)

Oddly enough, she keeps talking today about the "mask on nose in ha ah spital.  I cried.  Mask scary."  I think she remembers the anesthesia mask even though she was on versed.  Weird, isn't that?

I'm afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing our upcoming night but.......
so far, I haven't had to give Ellie pain meds at all today!!!  This is amazing as before the surgery yesterday, she had gone through 2 bottles of major painkiller!  In fact, she hasn't said she hurts at all today!  She hasn't spent all day crying either which is incredible!
I'm hoping and praying she actually sleeps all night tonight because that would just be glorious.

If she starts feeling better, than I am hopeful that she won't cry as much and she will feel better to actually be able to do some activities.  Any ideas for things to do with a two year old who has all four limbs in casts?  I need some entertaining ideas.  She is over watching tv.  (Too much "Three Little Pigs on repeat in the hospital.)  We have read lots of books over and over and over.  We did try some art dot markers today and she liked those.  Any ideas for helping her expend energy?  That is really hard.  She literally shakes her head a lot throughout the day & I'm convinced that is the only way she has figured out how to get out energy!

The surgeon felt good about the surgery - he removed the pins in her bones which we believe were causing the pain.  He was also able to do a little further positioning and correction so he was very pleased about that.

Meanwhile- tonight in his sponge bath, Will accidentally got his casted arm wet.  Yikes.  My first thought was that if I needed to take him to the hospital in Dallas tomorrow morning, at least my hair was clean and house somewhat kind of picked up this time.  Then, I thought maybe we could just do it in the local er if they have the right supplies for his type of cast.  Then I texted his doctor to find out what to do & consulted the internet.  We used the hairdryer on cool and I think got it taken care of.  He says his hand doesn't feel wet but is "tickling."  Please, oh please, oh please - I really don't want to have to make a third unplanned trip to a hospital in Dallas in less than a week.  More importantly, I don't want to compromise his healing process at all or risk infection.  I'm hopeful that the water did not actually get all the way through the cast.

We need a break around here.  Or at this point, I'll take a good night's rest.

A few things I've learned recently:
  • when someone offers food, take it.  We have had many delicious meals delivered and I am so thankful  to our friends and family as with Ellie's pain and sleeplessness, there is no way I could have cooked for our family in recent weeks.  I am so thankful.
  • when a friend offers to drive you and your toddler to a hospital to help you out, take it.  The trip is a lot more fun with a friend.
  • when you are bone weary after an unexpected surgery for your child in Dallas and finally return home, accept the invitation to go sit by the fire with your girlfriends.  When your husband questions why you would do this when you are so tired, explain that there will be no sports on tv, a warm fire, a glass of wine, and that your friends may play with your hair and rub your back.  Also - your husband is going through this hard season too and is exhausted, himself.  Your girlfriends can help carry this in a different way and many of them are mamas too so they know the heartache of watching a child hurt.  Go.   Put the kids to bed,  throw on your yoga pants and get to your friend's even when you can hardly keep your eyes open.  Best way to spend an evening after a surgery.
  • I have no self control when friends bring dessert or bread.  This is not good for plans to celebrate our anniversary in a far away place in a few months.  Get some discipline.
  • Don't drink milk that expired on January 5.  I made coffee two days ago (I am a new coffee drinker.  I'm trying to be more mature.  Also, I need caffeine.)  I poured my usual amount of Almond Milk into my coffee to help remove the taste of coffee.  Then I looked at the expiration date.  I've been drinking this almost daily and it expired 6 weeks ago.  That is exhibit A of my exhaustion.
  • When your mom volunteers to spend the night or take one of my kiddos - do it.  Because then I will be able to get some sleep.  
  • Keep your hair somewhat clean.  Also clean the breakfast dishes immediately after breakfast even if you are running late to get Will to school and anxious to get out of the house and walk with a friend.  Otherwise, you'll obsess about these details while in the hospital unexpectedly.  Better yet, toss some clean clothes for yourself and an extra toothbrush in the car so you will be ready.  
  • Try to avoid taking your child to school in mis matched pajama pants, socks, and a hoodie and shirt without a bra.  Because, inevitably the day you do this, you will be running two minutes late and the teachers that work the pick up line will have gone inside and you will start to panic at the idea of walking your child in while carrying his sister in casts and being dressed so terribly.  Also.  Brush your hair.
  • Give yourself grace.  Give your husband grace.  Give your kiddos more grace.  

3 thoughts:

Kelly said...

Love your lessons list. Hope today is a good day. I am going to brainstorm some activity ideas...

ywilbur said...

Nice list!

Poor Ellie...I hope her fear abates.

One of my scariest childhood memories (have 2) was when I got my tonsils out. They gave me something to sleep but we had no t.v. at home and buck rodgers was on! I was still awake when they wheeled me out of room. Don't remember getting to room but remember trying to breathe and a black mask over my mouth and no air! I was sucking in but no air was coming and I remember panicking and flopping around and this man yelling at me to hold still and thinking they didn't realize I couldn't draw in a breath and then felt like I was passing out (like you would if couldn't breath vs what I would have thought of a gas knock out feeling) and then nothing until I woke up. I was 8. Have not had any surgery since but thought of that mask still scares me!

Christie Minich said...

Great list! Be kind to yourself....I'm exhausted just reading this! LOL
So glad Ellie is feeling better!

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