Back in the hospital. Again.

Well. We did not anticipate starting this week at the hospital in Dallas. In fact, I didn't even wash our breakfast dishes yet from yesterday or wash my hair since I can't remember when but in thinking it was Friday.
I was walking with a friend yesterday when the nurse called me back and suggested we bring Ellie here to evaluate her pain. My friend graciously volunteered to drive us so I rushed home to grab some books for Ellie and rinse off in the shower and put on deodorant. Wish I would have thought to wash my hair! Or pack a suitcase! !
My sweet friend and her two toddlers brought us here- we thought the doctors would take off Ellie's cast to try to figure out what was causing her pain. We thought they would remove the pins in her feet and I knew from our experience with will last week that this is really painful and would be more so for Ellie with multiple casts so having a friend to help was going to be life saving.
Turns out Ellie's pins are threaded thru her bones. Yikes. So they admitted her and are operating this morning under anesthesia.
I was so glad for Carolyn's help entertaining Ellie as we went thru the admit process. She distracted us with dinner too. Meanwhile, Ellie started running a low fever during the admit which makes me concern she may have an infection at the surgical site.(which may explain pain?)
R packed bags and drove up last night so we would have a car & his help.
And now we wait. Ellie goes into surgery at 7:15am. Prayers pins are intact and easy to remove and for no surprises and quick recovery.
We hope to get discharged pretty soon after the minor op today.
We need to get home so I can wash dishes and my hair and hopefully my girl won't be in so much pain anymore.

4 thoughts:

Miles said...

Just said a prayer for an easy pin removal and no infection Katie!


ywilbur said...


The Reeves bunch said...

Praying for you!

ralynda said...

Poor little girl. Praying she feels better soon

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