Same song- different kid

Off to Dallas. Another unplanned trip. Again.
Ellie is still in a lot of pain. When her pediatrician called to check on her Sunday night, he express some concern about her pain levels and suggested I call the hospital again today and get their perspective.
After another brutal night of little sleep and a little girl hurting, I called
The nurse spoke to the surgeon and they agreed that maybe Ellie shouldn't be in so much pain still and maybe the pins are putting too much pressure on her.
(Sounds familiar? See last Thursday when will was in great pain and we rushed him to Dallas.)
I was walking with a friend when the nurse called me back and told me to being Ellie in. That friend I a super friend and offered (insisted, really) on going with us. Then she insisted on driving.
So we are on our way to the hospital. Ellie is passed out cold in the backseat which is perfect- I worried she wouldn't get a nap today.
Hopefully this won't be too traumatic but I'm afraid it will be rough as they will remove both casts to examine her and then recast her. Im worried about the pins. ellie seems in pain whenever i try to sit her up (like on the couch) or lay her down in her bed she is just in a lot of pain. Poor baby.

2 thoughts:

The Reeves bunch said...

I hope everything helped today and she isn't in anymore pain. Praying for you friend!

Christie Minich said...

That is just so hard. I am so sorry. :(
We have BTDT and it is awful. Our son had bilateral osteotomnys and aducter releases and was in a mega body cast. His pain levels were over the top.
They removed his cast and then the doctor wanted to wait until the morning to cast him. I told him, if you wait, you won't be able to get it back on.
After torturing him for about 3 hours, they gave up and we then had to go through a series of casts with blocks to stretch him back out..... it was AWFUL and it took nearly a YEAR.
I am SO THANKFUL for Scottish Rite! They would NEVER do such a thing.
Praying for your sweet family.

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