Happy Rolling

Cast Free at Last & Loving Watching These Two
Ellie is so so happy to be able to roll in the grass now that her casts are off.  She is soaking up the sunlight and fresh air at last!

This is why I love age 5 - a boy in the grass with a mask, a sword, and underwear turned holster for swords becomes a superhero

Also - I have never been so thankful for bathtime!  I love that we are back to daily baths - usually 3 a day for Ellie and scar care!

We stopped at the park to play the other day and Ellie just wanted to play in the dirt.  She has never really expressed an interest in dirt before but that sounded good to me - with casts off it doesn't matter so much if she gets dirty.
(Except that the is in splints all the time  and though they are washable, she can only remove them for brief periods of time so I wasn't sure how quickly I could wash and dry them... but so what, sister needs some time in the dirt finally!)
Suddenly, I looked down and she had rolled through the playground mulch /dirt stuff and was just as happy as could be.
So, naturally, I encouraged her to keep going & grabbed my camera.
I am so so thankful to have those casts off & to be able to watch her enjoy rolling in the dirt!
(& am also so thankful I can bathe her!)
(Also - I'm thankful for my broom as she is tracking in lots of dead grass and mulch to the house from her hair & clothes & velcro on the splints!)

Thank you all for your encouraging words and thoughts and comments and emails about her scars.  I haven't responded to them yet & I'm so sorry - crazy weekend  - but your words meant so much.  I know the scars will fade and that as she grows up they won't appear so big.  I also know that already I'm not noticing them as much now as I did initially.  So many of you reached out as mamas and grandmothers and knowing the pain of watching your child hurt and thank you - my heart needed to know I wasn't alone as a mommy who was hurting.
The scars will be visible reminders of where we've been and hope for where we are headed.

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ywilbur said...

Just thought I'd write to let you know I've been reading and thinking of you. Today we are going to get an x-ray of JK's only full finger as it's been bothering him all week. Been having a lot of your fears: if they cast it can he use bathroom being the main one..if it's ligament will it heal 'properly' so still has his flexibility?

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