Random thoughts & Willisms & Ellieisms & WALKING AGAIN!

Look who's standing again!!!

(and also - wearing panties!  But that's another story for another day.  I'm not committing myself yet to actually potty training although we tried it yesterday & she did great.  So am trying it again today.  But you know- not committing.  Because I do not mind going back to diapers.  Except she's awfully cute & loving her new panties!)

She walked quite a bit at the library for my mom on Wednesday so on Thursday morning, I took her back to the grocery store.  Or, as we call it, physical therapy.  It's a great place to practice walking  - not too crowded in the morning and they have hard floors and no steps and little carts she can use for support.
We had about 4 items to get all on one side of the store.  We covered 3 aisles - in 45 minutes!
But yahoo - my girl walked!!
And now she is back to walking all over the place and even squatting and picking up toys mid walk!  
Go Ellie Girl!

Will turned a pan lid into a shield yesterday - love his imagination & resourcefullness
We have been playing at the park a lot this week - pretty days & also a great place to practice therapy.  Ellie has figured out how to roll UP stairs.  Pretty impressive.
Now we are working again on walking up them.
Scottish Rite Hospital for Children asked us to attend a check presentation ceremony at a gymnastics tournament last weekend on their behalf.  Will was completely enthralled watching the level 10 gymnasts compete.
The kids were given medals & Ellie LOVES her medal.

In other news around here...

I have been begging my daddy to try my 5:30am body pump class with  me.  I love it.  So he agreed. And somehow I totally did not hear my alarm at 5:05am today & woke up at 6:30 panicked.  Dad had a great class.  I need to figure out how to get some exercise in today.  Oops.  

I spoke this week to a local MOPS group.  I've been so thankful for opportunities to speak at various MOPS groups in Texas over the last year or so & it's been really fun to meet other moms & share bits of our story & lessons God has been teaching us.  
This week, I shared some practical tips for teaching kids what to do & what not to do/say when they encounter someone who is different from them.  (Because, you know, we've had a LOT of experience with this.  Click on "tales from the aisles" to read some of the more memorable stories.) 
(Also - I have a five year old - which means that now I've been on the side of the mortified mom when my kid has noticed someone and said something out loud.  Specifically - the time he thought a woman was a real witch & he politely asked her if she was.  That was embarrassing.)
So - back to this week.  I was excited for this particular opportunity & kind of nervous and hoping I had prepared enough as I was doing a different format than I had done previously.  Also - I was given an hour to speak which is longer than the other opportunities I've had.
I showered & did makeup & got dressed & tried to pretend like I have it together.  At least kind of.
I dropped Will off at school & Ellie at my mom's.  
That's when my mom noticed I had peanut butter on my shirt.
So I scrubbed it with a clorox wipe.
Apparently, it is possible to scrub a shirt too much as then I had about 5 little holes in my white shirt.
I did not have time to change so I spoke in front of a group of women with little holes in the bottom of my shirt.
The good news was, the peanut butter was gone.
I told them up front about my morning & confessed that the charade was gone - I may have showered but definitely did not have it together!  
Ha!  That's what I get for trying to pretend!

Some good friends started a prayer group this week.  We met at our house after the kids were down since R was out of town & I couldn't get a sitter.  It was amazing.  Soul refreshing to sit with close friends and share our hearts & pray for one another.  I've needed that.
We prayed and shared until 11:30pm!  It was the night before I was speaking so then I had to review my stuff & print off handouts starting at midnight!  But I wouldn't have it any other way - it was so needed.

We've doubled our therapy routine - Will is now getting OT once a week & Ellie has PT three times a week.  She will add in OT in 3 weeks.

Some Willisms & Ellieisms:

Me:  "Ellie, do you know how much I love you?"
Ellie:  "Where?"
Me:  "Everywhere!"
Ellie:  "No, Mommy, say you love me in your heart!"

Ellie:  "Mommy, what you doing?"
Me:  "I'm thinking."
Ellie:  "Where?"
Me:  "In my head."
Ellie:  "Can I see in your head?"

Will:  "Mommy, it's not fair that Ellie gets candy when she goes potty!"
Me:  "Well, if you help me potty train her then you can have candy too."
Will:  "Mommy!  Teaching a two year old to go potty is hard!"

Will:  "When you took me to Mexico as a baby, did you go there to adopt me?"
Us:  "Nope, you came from my tummy."
Will:  "But did a mommy in Mexico put me in your tummy?" 
Us:  "Nope."  
And that's the end to that discussion.

Will:  "Mommy, was God born?  How did He learn all of His superpowers?  Where did He come from?"

Will:  "Hey, Ellie Boo!"
Ellie:  "No, Will Will!  Don't call me Ellie Boo!  My name is Ellie Grace Butts."
Will:  "Well, then don't call me Will Will."  (Her nickname for him.) 

Ellie:  "Will Will and Mommy are my best friends."  

Ellie is singing all of the time!  I love it.  She sings Row Your Boat & Away in the Manger & Jesus Loves the Little Children the most.  She also makes up a lot of songs.
Recently, in the car, she was singing Jesus Loves the Little Children.  Except in our family we substitute people's names for "little children."
So we may sing a verse of Jesus Loves the Big Ellies, then the Big Wills, then the Mommys & Daddys, etc.  We pretty much cover every person and animal we know.
Recently, I overheard Ellie singing to her brother in the car a new verse:
"Jesus loves the Ninja Turtles, all the Ninja Turtles in the world.  Red yellow black and white, insert some Ellie made up words here, Jesus loves the Ninja Turtles of the world."
She knows the way straight to Will Will's heart.

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