He wins!

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them.  They will be His people and God himself witll be with them and be their God.  He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death or mourning or cying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.  He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new."  
-Revelation 20:3-5a

He is not here; He is risen!
-Luke 6

We sat on a stormy morning in our church's Easter service this morning.  Tears streamed down my face -not uncommon as I find myself weeping a lot this week.  We sat next to dear friends - friends we broke bread (or pizza) with last night & held hands with as we lifted up others in prayer.  Together, as friends and as a community, and as the body of Christ, we worshipped.  
I love picturing Mary Magadalene today.  I imagine her, stooped over in grief, slowly making her way to the tomb.  I imagine the pain and confusion of the open, empty tomb.  I love to imagine the moment the sun hits her eyes just right and she realizes the "gardner" she is speaking to is her Lord and Savior - resurrected.  I can just see her stand up straighter and open her eyes wider and begin to take in what this means for her faith.  And then I imagine her running to tell the disciples and scarcely able to get the words out coherently. I imagine those disciples - also grieving and having cowered in fear and uncertainty for three days, begin to digest what this means.  All those emotions, they are so relatable, aren't they?
 Today we were reminded of our hope.  The waiting - it is agony.  The wondering and the fear and the doubts and the heavy sadness creep in during the waiting.
Today we are reminded that Jesus wins.  We are reminded of his Holiness and His purposes and the hope we can have in knowing that He wins.
Our friends are still grieving.  Others are still crying out and falling on their knees - circumstances haven't necessarily changed overnight.  
But today we are reminded of our Hope.  We are reminded that Christ wins over death and disease and heartache and loneliness and addiction and every other struggle we know on this earth.  He wins.
The Resurrection is the fulfillment of the promise - and the reminder of the hope to come.  This isn't it.  It's not over.
 He will wipe every tear.
He makes all things new.  
What a wonderful Savior we serve.  

Our Easter

Easter morning breakfast -
yes - sausage, granola bars, & greek yogurt served on my fancy paper plates.
Don't judge - it's Easter morning & I had to get people dressed & out the door.
They kids were thrilled to find new Easter books waiting for them with their breakfast.

After a wonderful church service & rainy Easter morning, 
we headed to Cookie & Lovie's for lunch

Ellie modeling her new "Easter shoes."
I had a melt down recently about shoes for her - it's really really really hard (nearly impossible) to find shoes that I can fit over the AFOs and still give her enough stability to be able to safely walk.
I've tried online & there aren't really any cute options for Easter or summer sandals.  I tried Nordstroms & Dilliards & these were the only ones I could find that work.
Granted -they are tennis shoes.  And they are hot pink.  And they have a little Hello Kitty logo (not my fav.)  But.
At least they are "typical" shoes & not so clunky/medical looking as the hospital grade AFO tennis shoes.  And they are sparkly so she likes them.  And it lets me pretend like I can put my daughter in some version of a dressed up Easter "sandal."

Will & Ellie with their Cookie & Lovie

 our little fam
R and "Duck Dynasty"

My mom let the kids pick out ducklings for Easter from the feed store.  They will release them in a few weeks out at the lake...
but for now, they are loving them.
Ellie especially loves to cuddle hers.  (She's gentle - don't worry - and always supervised.)  Ellie named hers "Duck Duck Duck!"  

 She is my nurturer.
Will named his "Duck Dynasty."  (Cracks me up - apparently he's overheard R & I discuss the show!)
He's a little more fearful of holding him.

A girl & her daddy

We played the bunnies too - (last year's Easter animals.)  Hmmm - what will Lovie come up with for next year?!

Ellie gave up waiting on Coco or Oreo to come eat the carrot she offered & finally ate it herself!

After lunch, Doctor Ellie circled the table offering check ups for all of her patients.
I don't know how many two year olds understand blood pressure cuffs & stethoscopes but this girl does!

When we announced it was time for the egg "hunt,"  Will grabbed his Easter basket & his gun. 

Ellie loved finding eggs!

And, of course, so did Will!

 We spent the rest of the day napping, eating leftovers, & spending time with family & neighbors.  A perfect, restful, worshipful Easter.
Happy Easter 2013!

2 thoughts:

Pat said...

Those perfectly wonderful pink shoes allowed Ellie to walk around and find her own eggs. She is amazing, and helping her be all she can be makes you amazing too.

Christie Minich said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful and perfect day. :)
The Lord brings us Perfect Peace. :)

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