Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm going family album style & finally wrapping up Easter week.
The kids and I are off to NC tomorrow for round 2 of wedding season - can't wait to post pics soon of the cutest ring bearer ever!!

 Ellie's therapist met up with us at a local park to work on some of her physical therapy goals. 

She had lots of fun playing

Will & Ellie both love a good roll down a hill!

Of course, the pollen this week is pretty nasty - & she was covered in it!

 Daddy timed Will doing hill sprints
and then instigated a gumball fight!

 Sweet loves
 On Good Friday, we enjoyed a family dinner and took turns reading the story of Jesus' crucifixion & resurrection.
The kids loved the Resurrection Eggs.

 They also enjoyed dying eggs!

Aunt Gac came in from MO & read bedtime stories...

and played lots

I made these fun cakes for Easter lunch - I loved everyone's reactions... they all thought it was a little plant party favor!  It's actually chocolate cake with crushed oreos/almonds/candies on top for "dirt" and a "robin's egg" and mint sprig!

Easter Eve lunch at our casa

These were the "party favors" for each family at our table

Sleepy kids content to cuddle their great aunt & uncle

Will demonstrating his new "moves"

Some friends came over spontaneously for dinner Saturday night 

and finally - look who can now hold an Easter egg with just one hand!!!
At his school egg hunt, we discovered this new trick!  Prior to surgery, Will couldn't do this so we were super excited to see progress!!
(It's the little things - we don't take them for granted around here! :))

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