The Beach - the end

a few more (lot more) pictures (& home movies!  You're Welcome!) from our beach trip...
(This is the end.  I promise.)

Possibly my new favorite picture with my kids.
Not posed at all.

 Will stayed very busy on the beach shoveling sand into the ocean.  I noticed other boys doing this too - not sure what the attraction is to shoveling sand  for boys but man, this kept him busy

We also did several evenings of our traditional crab hunting.
Will was a rockstar crab hunter this year.  Last year, he was afraid of the crabs and left me to do the catching.
Not so, this year.  This kid was catching them right and left!  He loved showing off all the crabs to his sister and every single other person he could find on the beach to look in his bucket.  He also tried to give some crab hunting tips to teenagers.  I don't think they were that impressed.

(also - that hair.  I love his curls best on the beach.)
One of Ellie's favorite ocean games is "jumping" the waves.  She says, "let's jump the waves like when I was born!"  or "Throw me like when I was born."
For the record, I did not ever "throw" or "jump" my newborn in the ocean.  She just has seen pictures of younger Ellie doing those things & thinks that anything before age 2 was "when she was born."
She also assumes that all sweet lullabyish/hymn or love songs are about her in my tummy.  (Also, she told me she had to come out of my tummy because it was dark.)
Anyway - she loved jumping the waves.  She would squeal with delight and giggle and beg to do it again.

She's a fish!

Ellie also loved sitting with her Lovie right where the waves crashed.  She would laugh and squeal and it was really cute.

We took the kids on the pirate ship again - just like when I was pregnant with Ellie. Will loved it and has figured out that we should start a pattern of doing it every 3 years.

He was very hopeful that Fearless Phil would remember him.

He loved the various pirate activities

My little mateys



Ellie also stays very busy at the beach with buckets and shovels.

Bedtime stories with Lovie

Dear Will, 
Please stay 5 forever.
Love, your mama.

 Dear Ellie, 
I love having you for my girl.
Please stay sweet & happy & easy forever.
The end.
Love, your mama

 Ellie walking on the beach.
(Thank you, God!)  

Will running on the beach - 

I am so very thankful

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