Will on Stage!

Last week, Will was in his very first play!
At the beginning of the semester, he told me he had wanted to take acting classes "for my whole entire life!"  
With dramatic statements like that, how could I say no?
Once a week, he went to the civic theater and practiced with a group of kiddos to be in a play.
He was cast as a bad guy who ultimately becomes a hero & helps save  the day!
He throughly enjoyed this role as he got to use a gun.

He had a ton of lines to memorize but amazed me by quickly getting them.
He also needed to jump rope in the play.
I knew this would be a challenge.  I researched and researched and could not find any ropes with loop handles (which I assumed would be easiest for him.)
We went to a creative guy at the hospital in Dallas with our jump rope & he sewed loop fabric handles.
This worked well and allowed Will to begin learning how to jump...
but then the handles ripped off.
Eventually, I rigged loops using loom handles & it worked!
We were all so proud of Will when he jumped rope finally during the play!
(I don't know if people realize how often little challenges like this affect Will.  I feel like we never really turn our brains off - we are constantly researching & figuring out ways to accomplish "simple" tasks.  I was so proud of his creativity & resourcefulness & determination.)

Will articulated, knew all his lines, remembered his blocking, & spoke loudly.
He did great!
And he obviously loved being on stage!

Mrs. Cay & Mr. Dan surprised him & came to his show.
Later that night, Will said, "Mommy, I think they must really love me."
Yes, love, they do.  (The play wasn't that entertaining - I know the only reason they got out on a rainy night and drove 45 minutes for a little kid play was because they love & support Will.) 
After the play, Mrs. Cay asked for Will's autograph. He happily gave it.

And then enjoyed giving more autographs & getting them from all the cast members

Will & his castmate & classmate, Cammie

Will with some of his biggest fans, Cookie, Lovie, & Aunt Dandy

our little fam with our superstar

Will told me his favorite part of being in a play was "making the audience laugh."  He LOVED the attention and being on stage & entertaining others.
For the kid who hates to be stared at, it surprises me how much he enjoys acting.  Perhaps it is because when you are on stage, people are supposed to be staring?  Perhaps it is because he gets to portray someone else?  Perhaps it is because people affirm him?  I don't know - but he loves it!
He has since started asking me if he can join a Broadway traveling musical.
I've suggested we stick to civic theater for now.  Already, he is begging to do acting classes again next semester & to try out for another theater program.  
We'll see what's in store for his acting future but for now, I'm so proud of him.  I love watching him develop public speaking skills and just enjoy himself so much.  He comes even more alive on stage.

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Liz said...

If he is in another play, let me know! I would love to come!!

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