Will's Thanksgiving Feast (With Songs! And videos! And Ellie Performs!)

Last week, we went to Will's classroom for their Thanksgiving feast.
The students performed lots of songs, poems, & scriptures they have learned.
They told the story of the first Thanksgiving and it was precious.

All week, Will was so excited to play the "Indian Chief" which he described as the one who remained standing with their arms crossed while the rest of the "tribe" had to sit down.
I love his teacher.  
When we were watching the program, I saw that there was a point in one of the songs where everyone quickly plopped down "Indian style" and then popped up quickly.  This is impossible for Will when he is wearing prosthetics.
So rather than tell Will he can't do it, his teacher made him the "chief" who remains standing.  She kept him participating and gave him an ego boost in the process and he had no idea she was creating a loophole in the motions for him.  Love her.

Enjoy a sampling of the program:

(For some reason, I can't get our fav song, "Super Turkey," to load - I'll try again soon.  I hope you can stand the anticipation.

That night, we went to Cookie & Lovie's home to celebrate Thanksgiving with them since they would be gone for the real holiday.
Will proceeded to perform all his songs for  the family...
and not to be outdone, Ellie SHOCKED us and came out of her shell to do her own performance.
I kept wondering if someone spiked her beloved ice water sippy cup.
Oh my goodness.  This girl is much shier than her brother & never, ever performs.
Until now.
I just.  I can't even.
I don't even have words.
We were all laughing so hard at her sweet montages.
Also - she created her own costume.  I think the fairy skirt and lei really add the missing piece to the turkey shirt.

This particular video begins with the old hymn, "Crown Him With Many Crowns," switches to "the Lord's Army," morphs into the  doxology, then into a Christmas song, & ends with "Ellie's song - Most Beautiful Girl"
This montage of songs is my fav hit of 2013

I love Ellie's version of Away in a Manger, in which newborn baby Jesus "sleeps all night."
I bet Mary would beg to differ - because while fully God, He was also fully human and I'm betting needed to eat that first night.

She continued to crack us up with her songs & "stories" she made up.  The Thanksgiving entertainment lineup was the best ever.
Oh I am so very grateful for these two - and their voices singing loud!

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