Ellie is a Big Girl!!

Ellie has BIG news!

Someone potty trained herself & hasn't had a single accident since the second she started - over 2 weeks ago!
I have been so so blessed in the potty training department.
When I potty trained Will, I had a little break between doctor's appointments and decided to give it a try.  I was not quitting diapers completely and did not commit to the potty training thing like all the books recommend.  I wasn't about to trash unused diapers in case this thing didn't work out.
Amazingly, he had like 1 accident and was trained in 24 hours.
With Ellie, I have been more concerned about her muscle control (or lack thereof) and have long wondered how that would affect potty training.
We tried briefly last fall for about 6 hours - after a few accidents and not a single readiness sign, I gave up.
I've talked to her therapist and doctor and really, none of use knew how or if or when Ellie would be able to potty train and I think we all agreed it would be a big challenge.
Therefore, not one to jump headfirst into a challenge, I decided I was fine continuing with diapers for as long as needed.  I was in no rush to battle this nor did I want to push her if her body wasn't ready.
Essentially, when in doubt, I go with avoidance.
Parenting 101.

Then, on MLK day (we had a lovely MLK day - perhaps I'll remember to post pictures by Easter?), I randomly suggested to Ellie that she try big girl underwear.  
She agreed and I left the diapers and pull ups and changing table as is.
Remember - I don't buy into that whole "commit to the process and trash diapers" business promoted by the experts.
Shockingly, she never had an accident (still hasn't!) 
Shockingly, she told me when she needed to go!  (Whew- I also don't do so well remembering to remind children they need to go and can't get into that whole every 20 minute business.)
Shockingly, as we ran errands and did life, when she needed to go, she could hold it til we reached the next stop and she was fine trying out various potties at grocery store, florist, friend's house, etc!  (Again, I know the books recommend staying home and near a familiar potty for a few days but this just isn't our lifestyle.  Also, I forgot to pack the travel potty so really, it's a good thing she was responsible and potty trained herself.)
Shockingly, she stays dry thru naps & nighttime even!  (I tried to make her wear pull ups at night but she kept those dry so now we've just left those behind.  Of course, I still haven't bothered getting rid of them yet.)
So basically, I broke all the "rules," she showed no signs of readiness, and I have done nothing except provide the underwear and toilets - Ellie has done all the "work" and has done awesome!
We are so proud of her!
She is also so proud of herself!  In fact, she has been known to tell our favorite grocer store checker her big news, once showed off her princess underwear to a stranger (though thankfully she was a sweet grandmother) & today at a fine restaurant for lunch, she went to a table of ladies (she knew one of them) & in response to what her friend Omi should tell Dado, Ellie replied, "I went potty!")
So very proud of our big girl!

And so thankful I got off easy in the parenting department when it comes to potty training.  I know it is a huge challenge for many and I've had friends who have really struggled.
I am very very blessed and thankful.
(Also - I've had some other parenting things that have been challenging so it's not like this parenting is always this easy.  But I'll take perks where I can find them.)

This picture has nothing to do with potty training but I don't want to show those pics on the internet.
This picture, however, makes me smile.  I walked into Ellie's room and caught her and her Daddy playing Mommy & Daddy with their babies.  Ellie had the "family" posing for a pretend picture being taken by an imaginary photographer across her room.  Oh that made me laugh!  Aren't they such a cute family?!

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