Leapknot WINNER!!

and the winner is - DENISE!
Will you email me at baseballsbutterfliesblessings@gmail.com with your shipping address & I'll get a coffee in the mail to you? 

Way way way back in like July of 2013, I "interviewed" an old friend, Megan, regarding the release of her husband's first book, It's Just a Couch.  I intended to post the interview because - wow- our friend wrote a book!  And of course, I planned a giveaway of his new book.
Except, I got distracted/lost/confused/forgetful/almost never turn on computer anymore/forget to blog and never actually posted that interview.
Fast forward to the very first Christmas card in my mailbox; it's from our friends 
and the dream she mentioned in her July "interview" had become a reality!

In addition to writing a book,
our dear friends bought an antique coffee roaster and started a coffee roasting business in their backyard!
They believe in good coffee and good conversations over a good cup of coffee and they apparently believe nothing compares to a fresh roasted cup of coffee - so they roast it and deliver it via overnight shipping to your door fresh roasted!
(R and I can attest to their love of coffee as they always came to church coffee cups in hand - probably a necessity as they parent 4 little kids and had to get everyone out the door for church.  We parent 2 and it's a battle every Sunday to be on time.  So far, we are losing the battle. Perhaps coffee is the answer.)

Travis & Megan have been good friends to us for a long time.  Megan will forever be my spica care lifesaver.  I can't really pay her back for cleaning diarrhea out of my child's body cast but I can give away a bag of her fresh roasted coffee.
True story - when Ellie was in a spica cast recovering from hip surgery at age 6 months, we had several awful blowouts.  An easy diaper change in a spica took about half an hour.  A bad one could go as long as 2.5 hours and took 2 people to throughly clean.  One afternoon, Ellie had a blowout.  My husband couldn't leave work and I couldn't reach Honey (who was busy taking care of Will to give me a break) so I called a neighbor/best friend.  Her kids were sick but she calmed my tears and assured me she would have help at my door asap.  True to her word, I looked out my window about 10 minutes later as a black suburban pulled up  (I was working on Ellie's spica clean out alone and just could not get it by myself - couldn't hold the flashlight and clean at the same time.  It was a doozy.)  Megan hopped out (having dropped her 4 kids off at a neighbor's) and spent over an hour cleaning diarrhea with me and making me laugh instead of cry.  Her servant's heart and willingness to jump into the nasty and help clean a baby she wasn't related to has taught me so much about what it means to be available to serve others. 
So thanks, Megan.  Thanks for cleaning a spica and for calming me down and for teaching me about servanthood and grace and dignity in life's messes.
Also - thanks for elevating my inferior coffee tastes.  
I began drinking coffee the day after I turned 32 in an effort to become a more sophisticated beverage consumer.  Rather than begin my mornings with a diet coke, I now start with coffee (with sugar & almond milk of course) and then move to diet coke.  
For Christmas, I gave R a "subscription" to LeapKnot - he now gets a surprise bag of coffee once a month delivered and oh my goodness, when I open the front door - I am greeted with a lovely coffee smell.  This morning, as I prepared Will for school in the dark (we aren't morning people and keep lights off!), I overheard R whispering to himself about his cup of Leapknot coffee and how good it was.  
It's good coffee.
(For what it's worth, so far our favorite is the Mexican Chiapas flavor.)  
The website teaches all kinds of coffee brewing tricks - way beyond my sophistication but if you are a coffee connoisseur, it's worth a read.
All I know is that the coffee is good and I'm using less milk and sometimes drinking two cups.
It's good, ya'll.

So, yay for friends who are following a dream and building a small business with integrity and a great product!  

Want to win a bag of fresh roasted Leapknot coffee just in time for Valentine's Day?  
Or - if you are not yet a coffee convert, you could choose It's Just a Couch.
To win - enter a comment below and tell me what morning beverage you choose to wake up  with and face the day/life/kids/spouse/work/laundry piles.
(I'll randomly choose a winner and post it on the blog sometime Thursday morning.  If you are the winner, please get me your email address asap after winning so that you can get your coffee by Valentine's!)  
(Or let me know if you prefer Travis's book.)
If you don't win - well, go check out their website for great fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door - perfect for the one you love who loves coffee.

(fyi - all pictures used with permission from Leapknot - ie:  I texted her and asked permission and she said yes probably because she has seen the state of my kitchen and didn't want a picture of her lovely simple coffee bag next to my piles of random paperwork and items I need to put away)

3 thoughts:

Denise said...

I love your blog! I HAVE to start the coffee pot the second I get downstairs. I have two little ones who are 8 and 6.5 now. Every morning we get up, make beds, do hair and then head downstairs. I sip my coffee with cream and sugar of course while I make breakfast for the littles and get lunches ready for school. I then get myself a to go mug of coffee ready so I can enjoy more while working at my kids school. Like I really need more lol

JJC said...

Hey Katie! I drink Dr Pepper bc, well, Baylor. And I've convinced myself it's healthier than Diet Coke bc aspartame except when I feel guilty about the calories and then I drink Diet Coke. BUT Jeff is a grown up and drinks coffee. Just coffee. No sugar or anything. Love your blog, love reading about W&E:)

emk said...

Jill's expression of "I drink Dr Pepper bc, well, Baylor" cracked me up this morning. My 2.5 years-older husband just recently hit adulthood with an interest in coffee and now brews some everyday. I occasionally join him, although we are not real grown-ups since we like flavored creamer! BTW, I love reading your blog updates whenever they come-- your stream of consciousness posts are especially fun since I have a similar way of thinking/writing!!

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