Not Our Usual Monday...

Today was not the usual Monday at all!!
Today included meeting the First Lady, meeting and petting the First Dogs (there's 2!) (did everyone know this but me??), meetin Miss America, attending a DVD premier, attending a cartoon premier, spending an amazing afternoon with our US Representative (Louie Gohmert), touring Capitol Hill and learning some awesome history, going on an adventure in he car of our congressman who drove us to our hotel, and meeting Josh Sundquist! Some of us also saw Dorothy's red slippers!
We were gone from our hotel by 9am and returned around 9 pm! We are exhausted! But so happy and humbled.
Will is making some great friends and loving this experience.
I'm having a hard time posting clear pictures here but I joined this little thing called "FaceBook" this week from the hotel (because I learned we needed to be doing some social media networking:) I'm a little behind the times, it seems.)  Great fun pictures on Facebook- follow this link:

I can't wait to find time and a computer and really share what this experience has meant for us and some of the things Will has expressed- it's been powerful.
For now- off to bed! Big day tomorrow!

3 thoughts:

Erika M. said...

WOW. A very blessed day!

ywilbur said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds like a great time. I use facebook mainly for saving my photographs...otherwise the just never make it off the memory card.

Sharon C said...

so glad to see you back online! Excited for all that the upcoming year has in store for your family!!

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