Will's CMNH TX Champion Send Off Celebration

And We Are Off!!!!

This morning, Will's school along with our local CMNH, Dairy Queen (a corporate sponsor of CMNH,) & CBS threw an AMAZING send off celebration for Will as the Texas Champion ambassador!

I apologize for video shakiness- I cried nearly the whole time!!
His principal wrote the story (that's her in the cowboy hat) and together with our local CMNH director, Robin, created an incredibly humbling, overwhelming "pep rally."
They brought in the cheerleaders, the drum corp, and even the giant DQ blizzard!

We had lots of friends and family show up to surprise Will- when he saw his best friends there his whole face lit up!
Will loved "Dr Paws & Hoopty" from VBS last summer and asked them to attend. But he was very surprised when they came in character and partied in character the whole time- fake British accents and silly dancing! They were amazing! 

His giant Texas cowboy hat- which he will wear with pride!

His best friend surprised him!

So did his tennis coach!
Neighbors and sweet friends
Crazy Dr Paws & Hoopty
Nurses from the CMNH funded special needs clinic 
CBS anchorwoman Dana graciously emceed

(I couldn't help myself there.)
Will is loved and celebrated and I can't tell you how good it is for my heart to be representing this organization that celebrates all kids! 

Goodness I wish I could sometimes go back 7 years ago and tell that new scared mommy that it is going to be so so good.

Hope to blog from DC and Orlando this week! 
We are Outta Here!!!!

(PS- I read from past champions' moms that sometimes it's depressing to come home after ge trip and not have a daily party or people clap everyone you enter the room. :) will & Ellie are going to love this!)

PPS- will loves reading about the champions in the book they mailed him. Each child has their story and picture in it. Last night, he was reading and I went in when he got to TX in case he had any questions. He knows he has differences of course and we've had plenty of talks and doctors and it's not a secret (obvs) but my heart didn't know how it might be for him to read about his story instead of just casual conversation.
He read it and quietly closed the book and looked down shaking his head with his eyes closed. I braced myself.
My tears were near the edge.
He shook his head and said "doctors,doctors, doctors."
Then he hopped out of bed and said, "time me, mom" and took off running around the house.
He came back 45 sec later and said he proved those who never believed he would jump or run wrong.
(The last line in his story says "despite doctors not knowing if will could run or jump, he continues to defy the odds!)
I asked how he felt about the rest of the story and he said matter of factly, "yep- they got my differences right."
He was totally happy and proud he could defy odds.

PPPS- I have got to pack my carryon and load the car!

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