Bath Time

While pregnant, I dreaded only being able to bathe Ellie once a week if we casted her. Because we went with the French Method - I get to bathe her on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, and Sunday nights.
She loves her sponge bath!
This week, I tried bathing her on the bathroom counter while Will was next to us in the tub. I hoped he would feel included.
They both loved watching themselves in the mirror. Will kept trying to cuddle Ellie.
He was a big help washing her ears and hair.
Checking themselves out
So sweet - can't wait to get them in a bathtub together!

4 thoughts:

kelly said...

too cute!!
and ps: you bathe ellie more than i bathed my babies in the beginning!! haha! i could hardly get myself together enough for a bath :) good job, mama!!!!

Becky P. said...

Ohhh, how precious and sweet!!! Nothing better than the smell of a baby right after their bath, love it:)

The Smiths said...

I love that pic where they are checking themselves out!

Jo Anna said...

That last picture is AWESOME! LOVE them!

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